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Amazing Space, founded in 1994 by Tiffany Parrish, was the first agency to market commercial and industrial buildings as film locations. Today it remains the premier agency in the UK to specialise in this area.

Our approach is to protect our clients’ best interests whilst maximising their financial returns through location hire.

We have been very impressed with their tremendous enthusiasm, hard work, professionalism and willingness to act as a broker, successfully matching the very real and complex demands of the film industry with our own operational requirements. Others will probably promise more but Amazing Space will deliver what they say they will.

David Hoy, Director of Operations. Diageo plc


The Process

Ring Us
A verbal description of a property is sufficient, so please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to us. Our advice is free.

We’ll talk you through the criteria for a successful location, assess your short and long-term objectives and advise how your property could accommodate location hire to maximise your revenue.

Photographs are always helpful – you can send images by email.

Visit Your Property
With no obligation to you, we will visit your property to further assess its potential and market value as a film and photographic location. We will give you a clear idea of the daily hire rates you can expect.

Sign Our Agreement
If you would like to appoint us as your location agent, we will ask you to sign our Terms of Representation. You will also review our industry approved Location Hire Agreement, which we will carefully tailor to your property and use for each hire.

Photography & Marketing
We will arrange professional photography of your property. Photography will be displayed on our website and included in marketing and promotional material. Through effective marketing, our flagship locations have sat firmly in Film London’s top ten lists of ‘most filmed in locations in London’ over the last few years

Access & Procedures
To protect your property and to enable smooth running of projects we put in place enquiry and viewing procedures as well as restrictions and regulations which apply to your property. All of this is established from the outset.



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