Using our Services

1) Getting the Most from the Location Library

How to search for Locations

There are various methods that you can use when searching our website,


By Advanced Filter

Use our advanced filter to search for specific location features by simply ticking the categorised boxes to filter your search, for example "Balcony, Wooden Floor and Swimming Pool", will produce results for locations with these three features.

By Category

This drop down menu allows you to search for categorised locations, under 6 generic groups for example RESIDENTIAL, INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL, INTERIORS and multiple sub-categories.

By Keywords and Phrases

You can refine your results using this box to search more specifically. For example you can use the following:

Area Simply type in a post code or location
Feature e.g. "Wooden Floor "

And you can achieve a broad search by just using spaces between keywords and phrases, for example “SW1 wooden floors”. Or you can achieve a refined search by separating keywords and phrases using a comma, for example “SW1, wooden floors”.

If you are already familiar with the Library, you can also use the internal reference codes to quickly access all our properties.

Code This allows you to view a specific location directly by typing in the reference code, for example COM-030

Keeping track of your search results

We also provide tools that enable you to create a portfolio or even multiple portfolios of selected locations so you can share your results with colleagues, wherever they are located.


Our interactive Lightbox Service allows you to create your own location shortlist while you search our library. In fact you can create and store multiple portfolios for future reference. Simply register here to use this service.

Private Web Pages

Once you have refined your search, a member of the location team can put together a tailor-made private webpage, which we send to you as an html link. This allows you to present your selection of locations from Amazing Space to multiple colleagues, wherever they are.


How we can help

With a practical knowledge of our entire library, we can match locations to your budget and requirements. So don't hesitate to call us in the early stages of your project and we can make the best recommendations. You are always welcome to drop by our offices in Soho to discuss your project in person. You can always contact us on 020 7251 6661 or

2) A Quick Breakdown of Fees

Booking Fees

We charge a separate booking fee per location:

  • £ 150 + VAT for editorial photography
  • £ 200 + VAT for advertising photography
  • £ 250 + VAT for filming
  • £ 400 + VAT for events (Subsequent locations on the same project are charged at 50%)

And please note, we don't charge for location searches, private web pages or setting up recces.

Location hire fees

Location hire fees are negotiated by Amazing Space on behalf of the location owner - these can vary hugely depending on the location and duration of shoot. These are invoiced for and collected before the first day of hire.


We will ask you for a deposit to be held in our escrow account against damages or any outstanding fees, for example over-run. The deposit will be refunded to you on completion of hire, successful handover of the location and once any outstanding fees have been received.

Security/Building Management Fees

These are applicable to some of our commercial/industrial film locations and vary from location to location. We will advise you in advance of your project.

3) Organising the Paperwork

As well as negotiating fees, Amazing Space drafts the location hire agreement between you and the location owner per hire. So we will need from you:

  • Evidence of your Public Liability Insurance

And where relevant:

  • Details of all art department requirements
  • Filming schedules, movement orders and call sheets
  • Risk assessments and health and safety documents, where relevant

Any questions, then contact us on 020 7251 6661 or

4) And Finally...

When hiring a location, access is always subject to receipt by Amazing Space Locations Ltd of all fees, the damage deposit, proof of public liability insurance and signature of our location hire agreement no later than one working day prior to access.